About us
About us

Changshu Shouyu Machinery Co. (SOYU) is a Chinese-Italian joint venture concentrated on the production of high-quality waste processing equipment. Relying on many years of experience in the production of shredders and crushers, SOYU is capable of providing our global customers with highly efficient, durable, and unparalleled crushing, separation, and recycling equipment. These products deliver a highly competitive price to performance ratio.

    1. Single Shaft Shredder
    2. Single Shaft Shredder Single shaft shredders reduce bulky materials into small, consistent particles. They are suitable for processing a variety of materials, including aluminum, plastics, tires, paper...
    1. Two Shaft Shredder
    2. Two Shaft Shredder The two-shaft shredder is a low speed and high torque industrial shredder with a minimum power of 1.5kw, thus saving energy. This dual shearing shredder does not have a screen unit.
    1. Four shaft shredder
    2. Four Shaft Shredder The four shaft shredder is applicable for the most size reduction and heavy duty applications. This heavy duty shredder is ideal for reduction processing of larger objects ...
    1. Crusher
    2. Crusher SOYU’s crusher is designed to further crush particles that have already been pre-shredded by industrial shredders. The crusher is mainly used in the plastic industry and ...
    1. Cable Recycling Plant
    2. Cable Recycling Plant The cable recycling plant is designed to recycle scrap cables and copper wires as well as crush and separate metal/copper and plastic. The processing efficiency reaches anywhere from 200-2000Kg/h.
    1. Scrap Metal Recycling Plant
    2. Scrap Metal Recycling Plant The scrap metal recycling plant is designed to crush, separate and recycle metal in scrap iron, steel, aluminum, motor enclosures and more. The recycling capacity reaches 10-20t/h.
    1. Refrigerator Recycling Plant
    2. Refrigerator Recycling Plant The refrigerator recycling plant is mainly used to recycle refrigerators in which the compressor has been removed. Copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metal, plastic and foam can be separated and recycled.
    1. Oil Filter Recycling Plant
    2. Oil Filter Recycling Plant The oil filter recycling plant includes shredding, crushing, separation, classification and cleaning equipment. The production capacity reaches up to 800-3000 kg/h with total power of 145-200 KW.